Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thrift Store Floor Lamp Makeover

I've been contemplating a lighting solution for next to our couch- a weird transition space between living and dining. The last Salvation Army we visited was the charm. A very 70's table/lamp duo. Perfect.

The lamp was 20 bucks, and I spent about another 17 on the fabric and some purple spray paint. 

Here is the original lamp- it actually didn't look that bad- I liked the texture on the shade. 

The process was pretty easy. I used one of the random online tutorials about cover a lamp shade. We picked a pretty printed linen to echo the texture already there.
The hubs help with this process. My original plan was the spray paint the entire base of the lamp, but the wood was in pretty good shape, and it actually matched with our floor pretty well. So, instead, I only spayed that off-white plastic part that seriously dated the lamp. 

Easy peasy!  


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