Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Custom Double Desk

Problem: Two teachers who need workspace in a limited amount of space.

Solution: Build a double desk!

Our "master suite" houses our bedroom and an extra area that we have turned into our office. We customized our desk to fit perfectly into our nook.

While pursing one of my favorite blogs, YHL, I saw this amazing workspace. It's large and roomy. However, we don't have a large-roomy place. So we modified.

I don't have step by steps of this project, because we basically modified our farmhouse table into a desk, and added a few conveniences for the tech-hubby.

Note: the color in the images is way brighter than what it is in person. In person it's more Creamsicle, then hazard-wear orange.

We added a snazzy lattice trim around the edge to give it pizazz! We also created a custom spot in the middle to perfectly fit a file cabinet. That was probably the trickiest part.

Finding chairs that matched were quite a suprise! I was sure we were bound to ugly black desk shares. Stumbled across the pair in the clearance section at IKEA. One was a little dirty, but they both cleaned up nicely and are super-duper cute.

This image shows the color a little better. I know it looks drastic, but it contrast with the blue walls, and once covered up with our working supplies, looks great!

Hubs added the monitor shelf, and also (not pictured) electronic cord management holes.
We also used L-brackets to attach the legs, because this sucker is not coming down the stairs in once piece if we ever leave our first home.

So, ta-da! We are very happy with it. Hope everyone enjoys!

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