Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture Frame Jewelry Holders

(Disclaimer: My not-so great digital camera stopped working, so all picture were taken with my phone. Sure wish the great ones weren't so co$tly!) 

These jewelry holders were made as Christmas presents for my sister, mother, mother-in-law, and a few aunts. Two of them aren't in the picture. 

I don't have step by steps, but I can break it down pretty quickly. I choose to do this project because my family are jewelry fanatics, with my mom and aunts doing a lot of their own beading. There is never enough room for all the jewelry one girl can own!

The netting in the middle is to hang earrings, and the hooks on the side and the bottom are for necklaces and bracelets. 

The frames picture frame from The Salvation Army. I ended up paying around $3-$5 per frame. I would have liked to spend less, but it seemed they only put on the "nice" ones with cutesy pictures in them so they could up the prices. 

I ripped out the insides, pulling all of the staples, removing glass, etc. Clean, sanded, drilled holes for cup-hooks and drawer pulls. The drawer pulls are awesome and from Jo-Anns. I got them at least 60% off, good deal. I put the cup-hooks in before I painted, to ensure a uniform color.

Good old spray paint, quite possibly my favorite household item. Spayed a few super shiny black, and a few a pearl-like (I had to paint one of the frames white first, then the pearl coat). 
After they were dry, I bought screen-door screen. Used my trusty staple gun, and stapled to the inside of the frame. Not to the flush back side, or you will not be able to hang your earrings.

The hardest part was the drawer pulls. The screws they came on were super long. We had to drill a second, larger hole over the back of the first hole to be able to countersink the nut to hold the screw in. My husband helped by using some power tool to cut off the ends of the screw as flush as possible. Then we put the washer/nut combo in, put a little glue over it to be safe, and covered it with a little felt circle just in case there is any pokey parts.

I also added a frame hook on the back, so they will hang on the wall, just like a normal frame, and added a few cute buttons and do-dads to match the color scheme to one corner!

Again, I apologize for the awful photos, and not having a step by step. I think they are cute, and if you need any more instructions, feel free to contact me!

Here is a picture of the one I did for my sister, via text message. I love the drawer pulls on this one!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. While I can attest to the cuteness of these projects being the receipient of one, my only criticism is that it didn't come with instructions on how to keep the cats from trying to rip off all the "danglies"? :)