Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Re-Use Art Work

This is a quick project that I did last summer while we were updating our house.

Side note: I realize that I need to get a new camera to capture my projects better, but that isn't in the budget right now!

Gwen Frostic was a Michigan artist and poet who specialized in wood block prints. I learned about her in college, then one day my mom pulled out a stack of postcards she had purchased when she was younger. They were Gwen Frostic prints! So beautiful, simple and organic. They fit perfectly into the feel of my home.

All of the picture frames were purchased from the Salvation Army. They were all different colors, and I specifically looked for ones with interesting shapes and textures.

Sorry, I do not have any step-by-steps for this one, but it is pretty simple to do.

First, I cleaned all the frames and sanded any shiny or rough ones.

I LOVE SPRAY PAINT! I decided on a shiny black- spray away!

I loved this tiny frame, but I didn't want to cut any of the prints to fit. I found a piece of scrap-booking paper that was in my drawer and had the same vibe.

Project Cost:
Frames: 6 @ ~ $2.00
Paints:              $3.00
Prints:               Free!
Total:               $15.00

I am going camping for a few days, so my next project won't be posted for a little while. I am working on a set of placemats using stenciling and weaving, that's the plan!

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